1st Concert of the Season! / Truth, Lies & Gossip: The Music of Jelly Roll Morton

1915. New Orleans, Louisiana. The swampy, malaria-infested birthplace of geniuses and criminals alike. If the axe murderer doesn’t get you, the suffocating humidity just might. From the golden glow of a Storyville brothel’s open door, a wild piano song floats through the water-laden air. Without setting foot past the threshold, the furious frenzy of notes paints a graphic, scandalous picture while inebriating each sense with its undulating rhythms. The man at the helm of this party sits calmly atop his piano bench. His mysterious smile and cool demeanor demand your attention and beg you to join in this raucous gathering. Who is this piano man and what is this new music? Join Grammy Award-winners Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra as they dive into Truth, Lies, and Gossip: The Music of Jelly Roll Morton.

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